Musclemania Fitness Model Exposes "The Dirty Little Lies" Of The Fitness and Weight Loss Industry With One 9-Letter Word

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The Following Techiques are Proven to Burn 3x More Just 10-30min.!

Whatever you're doing right now... STOP!

What you are about to see in this video could profoundly change your ability to lose weight.

You see, there is myth in the fitness industry that just refuses to be busted.

Millions of people around the world are mindlessly following what they believe to be ‘accepted’ weight loss techniques.

But what they don’t know is that they are being fed a lie.

Imagine you have two normal gals, same age, body type, diet, lifestyle, sleep habits, star sign…

Basically these two gals are identical in every way accept one burns 2-3x more fat per workout!  Let’s call one Kate and one Sarah.

Why is it that Kate struggles with fat loss even though she does an hour-long cardio session every single day? But Sarah can do just 10-30 minutes of cardio, 2-4x per week, burn up to 3x more fat and and continue to burn fat around the clock?

The answer is surprisingly simple… and it will be revealed to you in one moment…

But before I do…

Let me ask you another question…

Have you ever seen a sticker or a diagram that looks like this?

For most people the fat burning zone myth refuses to die but by the end of this short video you’ll know exactly why you need to stop believing in it…

… and what you NEED to do instead.

Don’t worry, what I am about to reveal to you will let you do LESS work for FAR BETTER results.

The only difference between Kate and Sarah is that Sarah has already discovered this trick and she uses it in every training session.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

  • You are working out regularly but you are not seeing fast enough(if any) results and your motivation is slipping
  • You’ve become bored with regular old cardio and need more variety in your workouts to get inspired again
  • You need fat loss results faster than your current plan is providing
  • You don’t want to think about creating your own workouts at the gym (You would rather just “pick a done-for-you workout” and get to it)
  • Or you’re just tired of having to do…loooongggg….slow….cardio consisting of an hour or more to get results

If you are familiar with any other these thought processes then listen up!

What you are about to see is going to change everything for you, and it can be summed up in one single word.


Let me explain.

My name is Dustin Boswell.

I’m a body transformation specialist, a personal trainer, a nationally ranked decathlete and a Musclemania fitness model.

You could say I know a thing or two about getting fit and losing weight.

But it hasn’t always been easy for me.

In college I ran track.

I used to be the type of guy that could eat 3 servings of anything… 6 meals a day…at anytime ….and not gain an ounce of fat!  Oh to be young again, right!

Then I got a job and found out that “joining the real world” meant sitting at my desk way too many hours per day.

I quickly put on 30lbs of pure belly fat sitting at my computer desk everyday.

The worst part was that I didn’t even realize it until one day when my fiancé and I went shopping for jeans.

You can imagine…

I couldn’t squeeze into a pair of jeans in my old size no matter how hard I tried sucking in!

That was when I realized I had to get the old me back - or at least create a newer, leaner me.

And that is how I came to develop Ripped Cardio.

But lets get back to the AFTERBURN…

Way too many people think that keeping your heart rate within the fat burning zone range burns more fat.

But this is a basic misunderstanding of how the body works - not during exercise but AFTER exercise.

You see, if you are working out in the low intensity fat burning zone your body burns very few calories after you finish exercising.

BUT … and this is KEY.

When you work out at a higher intensity you create a ‘metabolic disturbance’ which allows the body to continue burning calories at a much higher level after your workout is completed – up to 24 hours!

We call this effect Afterburn

If you remember back to the story of Kate and Sarah, you can now understand why Sarah can get the best results even though she works out on average 50% less than Kate.

The good news is that Afterburn is ridiculously easy to achieve.

Over the years I have had to become adept at getting into this zone. Especially for modeling gigs where I needed rapid, impactful results…

And so I decided it’d be a great idea to document the types of cardio workouts I do to achieve results when cutting down for a fitness show or photoshoot.

It saved me time remembering and it had the added benefit of helping my clients achieve similar - if not better - results!

That document is now a book…

Introducing: Ripped Cardio


Ripped Cardio promises to teach you:

  • How you can use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn fat 3x faster than normal cardio
  • How you can easily and quickly achieve the “Afterburn” Effect (to continuously burn calories for up to 24 hours post workout)
  • How you can maintain lean muscle mass while burning fat
  • How to choose the most effective workouts based on your specific body type (There are 3 specific body types and if you don’t know which one you are…I can guarantee you aren’t getting the results you want!)
  • My collection of 30+ fat blasting HIIT cardio routines (So you don’t have to think about what your going to do at the gym anymore…just pick a workout and start burning fat)
  • The best times to do your cardio (for best results)
  • The supplements you should be taking (and which ones are just a scam ruining your health and draining your wallet)
  • Plus much more…

So, are you ready to kick your metabolism into overdrive….and burn fat at a 3x faster than you ever have before?

If you answered yes…I’m guessing your wondering what your investment would be…

And that’s fair considering I charge $50-75/Per Session on average for personal training.

With 30+ “Ripped Cardio” workouts…even @ $50/Per Session you would be looking at an investment of $1,500

And lets be honest…

…For 3x faster fat loss results many people would gladly pay $1,500 or more!

But the good news is I’m not asking anywhere near $1,500 “Ripped Cardio”

As a matter of fact…

…you won’t even have to pay $50-$75 like 1 personal training session!

Right you can get instant access to Ripped Cardio for only $37!

 …Plus if your watching this video right now your in luck because…

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…I Have 3 Exclusive Bonus’s.


Bonus #1 - Quick Start Nutrition Guide

…Shows you what you need to be eating so you can allow your body to release more fat while retaining lean muscle

Bonus #2 - Quick Start Supplementation Guide

…All the supplements I personally use as well as recommend to my clients for burning fat  and retaining muscle naturally

Bonus #3 - My Personal Competition Diet

…The exact nutrition plan I followed for my last show where I was down to 3.5% body fat!

I’ve never revealed my personal competition diet to anyone…

…and probably never will again

These bonuses alone are easily worth 10x the cost of the book!

But for the next 100 people only you can get:

- “Ripped Cardio”
- Quick Start Nutrition Guide
-Quick Start Supplementation Guide
- And My Personal Competition Diet I Used to Get Down to 3.5% body fat

For one easy payment of $37

All you have to do is hit the “Add to Cart” button below and you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page…

and once your details have been accepted you’ll be able to instantly download “Ripped Cardio” plus all your bonuses so you can start burning fat like a pro!


Yes! I Want to Burn 3x More Fat! I Want to Download "Ripped Cardio" Now...

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